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About Us


My name is Karla MacGregor and I am "Wiccan Magick To-Go". I started this buisness about two years ago after reading a book that I found at my daugther's house, "The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You'll Ever Need" by Marian Singer, Trish MacGregor & Skye Alexander. I read it over a two day period and then read it again. I had also just been introduced to a documentary on Netflix called "The Secret". The two seemed to go together like chocolate and red wine. After a little more research I became an avid believer in both and I have tried to apply both practices to my life ever since. I highly recommend both the book and the documentary.

As with everything that excites us in the beginning, we make a commitment  to new routines and rituals. We buy all the books and tools we think we need then  we rewrite our schedules and dive in. For many the excitement begins to diminish after a few setbacks. Suddenly we just have another collection of stuff in boxes in a closet. I will admit that I had to make a couple of "restarts" in the beginning and that's when I decided it was okay to  adjust the routines and rituals to better fit with my existing schedule. 

That is when I decided to design the "Wiccan Circle To-Go". I traveled a lot and being able to take my circle with me in a carry-on bag made it much easier for me to stick to my practice. It is also helpful to have a pre-set quilt version of my circle that I store my most crucial elements for meditation and  preforming Wicca spells in handy pockets sewn onto the circle. I can roll it up and take it with me to the park or the beach and quite frankly it makes setting up in my living room a "no brainer".

I hope you will enjoy looking through my products, most of which are handcrafted by myself and all inspired by an "on the go" lifestyle that we all share nowadays.

I live in Seattle, Washington so a lot of my items are inspired by The Great Pacific Northwest. My Wands are made from driftwood collected from the shores of Puget Sound, the cedar smudges are from our local trees and when I successfully learn to garden my own white sage that will be local as well. The candles are always made on the Full Moon and New Moon cycles and are paraffin and soy mix wax for longer burning. The Wiccan Circles are made from 100% cotton mandalas and backed with re-purposed fabrics found from thrifting.